Saturday, May 13, 2017

CF Awareness Month Day 13 - Big Words

There are lots of big, scary words in CF, but I think the one that has stuck out the most for me in the last few years is "pan-resistant".  It's the name they give to bacteria when it is no longer susceptible to safe levels of antibiotics in the blood.  It first started getting tossed around in my little world about 3 years ago when I developed two mucoid strains of pseudomonas that were extra tricky to treat.  Since then, it's been a big, fearful word in the back of my mind, because I'm very concerned about the day coming when no antibiotics work against a raging lung infection.  For now, my go-to IV antibiotics are definitely not as strong as they once were, so it's hard to say whether the bacteria has already morphed into something pan-resistant, or if it's only getting closer and closer.  Big scary word, big scary idea, but the world itself can be big and scary, and you just have to take things one day at a time.

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