Friday, May 2, 2014

Chronic Illness Survey

Hey peeps!  So one of my friends/fellow CF patient is doing a research study for her doctorate studies (woohoo!!  that's a LOT of hard work!!).  To make what I'm sure is a very complicated but interesting study description short and sweet, her research is on empathy felt by family members of people with a chronic illness, and how it impacts relationships, among other things.

So guess what??  That means us!  If you could take a few minutes to either send this survey to one  family member (or several) who lives with you OR fill out this survey yourself if you yourself are the family member living with a child/parent/spouse/significant other, that would be amazing.

Moreover, participating in this survey would really enrich the studies being done by this wonderful, brave young lady (with CF, remember!) on the psychological aspects of chronic illness, which we ALL have had to deal with at some point with this disease!

So please, take a moment to participate if you can.  Thanks so much, and Happy CF Awareness Month!