Thursday, May 18, 2017

CF Awareness Month Day 18 - Hygiene & CF

I've never been a true germaphobe.  When I was growing up, my mom was often pointing out and reminding me where germs would be and why they were dangerous for me, and I kind of hated it.  I just wanted to live life like everyone else without being overly paranoid about what might be lurking in the public shower, or the toys in the doctor's office, or what bacteria might be in that stagnant lake water, or why it was a bad idea to share a drink with my friend.

In the last few years, though, an inner-germaphobe has been developing a stronger voice.  I'm not quite a full-blown germaphobe yet, but I am SUPER aware of potential germ sources now and avoid them as much as humanly possible without completely shutting myself into a bubble.  Nowadays, pretty much every time I catch a cold I end up either in the hospital or IVs, so I'm terrified of getting sick.  This means avoiding or leaving social situations where someone is or has recently been sick - this sucks, because I want to be able to visit with friends (and their germy kids), but it's just not worth it most of the time.  It's also awkward because normal people go out in public all the time when they're sick and don't think anything of it, and sometimes I can tell they're a bit offended when we cut a visit short because I don't want to be around their germs - but oh well!  I've also become very aware of touching things in public, and I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer ALL THE TIME.  This sense is highlighted when traveling or at the doctor's office.  Also, I've bought a fancy VOGmask to wear when I travel.  I hate wearing masks, but it's worth it if it filters out those nasty airborne germs in the airplane that will ruin my trip!

This fear of germs has never really bled into other area of my life, though - I can see how having a disease where you have to be this careful and keep up with so many things can turn a person into an excessive organizer who is obsessed with order, but that's just never been me.  In fact, I have to really fight my natural tendencies to be super messy and disorganized.  Oh well - one improvement at a time. 😊

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