Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CF Awareness Month Day 31 - Thank You & My Birthday!

Whew!!  We made it to the end of the CF Awareness Month!!  Thanks so much to everyone that's read along as I post on the daily topics - I've enjoyed the chance to talk more about my own personal experience with CF (plus it's given me a great, productive thing to do since I've been in the hospital most of the month!), and I hope it's been enlightening and/or encouraging to people who have followed along.

There are always lots of "Thank You"s that are due when you live with a chronic illness, especially when you're going through a rough patch of health with it.  I've written about them and their support a lot this month, but obviously a huge, daily "thank you" is due to my wonderful parents and husband for their unfailing love and support through all seasons, especially the rough ones.  Thank you to my extended family members for your encouragement and love and for checking in on me often.  Thank you to my wonderful friends who are able to listen to my tearful sorrows, and encourage me when need be, but still treat me the same as ever, always ready with a joke and to laugh with me about something until it hurts.  In particular, thank you to my sweet CF friend staying down the hall from me this past week, for understanding my humor and helping me keep a light heart and positive attitude each day. Thank you to my nurses and other hospital staff who have taken such good care of me and shown such patience and cheerfulness while I was in the hospital feeling like poo most of the month.  Thank you to the CFF and other similar organizations for their endless fight against cystic fibrosis on behalf of myself and all others fighting this disease.  And thank you to every person who has donated time, money, or social media space to raise awareness for CF and help us fight on toward a cure!

*Now, in other news - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!  YAY!!

And not just any birthday, mind you - it's my GOLDEN birthday!  Today, I turn 31 on May 31st.  I've literally waited my whole life for this birthday - the latest golden/lucky birthday a person can have!  😀

This is the first birthday I've ever had to spend in the hospital, so some might say this birthday is not actually so "lucky" - but I'm going to go ahead and say that it IS still "lucky", because I've been able to celebrate in a new way this year.  I've finally started feeling a little better these last 3 days or so, so that is a great gift!  And I've been able to feel the love from my nurses and RTs as they celebrate my birthday with me - the first thing I heard this morning was when my nurse walked in and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", and later my breakfast tray came with a card signed by all the nurses and a "Birthday Girl" sash to wear.  My hubby brought me a yummy breakfast, along with a Jane Austen mug (my hero), and a surprisingly stylish assortment of new clothes (well done, boo!), and then a selection of favorite drinks to choose from this afternoon.  A group of friends from my old job came up at lunch to bring me food, cake, balloons, and some great stories to make us all laugh, and family from both sides stopped by for little mini-celebrations.  Overall, I've been able to see a lot more people than I normally do on my birthday - it's been a fun day!

PLUS, since today was my birthday, I was able to convince the surgeon to put off my port placement one more day, haha!  It's a small victory, but I'll take it. 😉

31 years with CF is nothing to scoff at!  Somehow it feels fitting that my birthday comes on the last day of CF Awareness month.  I'm so grateful for the amazing life that has been packed into those 31 years, and am praying and fighting for lots more to follow!

My birthday drink selection - boba milky tea, smoothie king, and an iced vanilla latte.  I'm a little spoiled. :)


  1. Happy golden birthday!!! Sorry you are locked up for your big day. I loooove boba!!

    1. Thank you! :) And yessss, boba is my favorite summer drink!