Wednesday, May 24, 2017

CF Awareness Month Day 24 - Videos

Can I be real for a second?  Thank you.

I have a strong inner-cynic who likes to scoff at things.  At the same time, I'm actually a pretty upbeat and friendly person - I just have a little more "edge" to my humor than most people assume when they meet me.  But I genuinely love people, and I hate gossip and saying unkind things about others - I try hard not to let such things leave my mouth, and I get really annoyed when other people do it around me.

And yet, sometimes I let my inner-cynic take free reign in my thoughts, and laugh at things that try to take themselves seriously when in fact they are incredibly cheesy or ridiculous (in my opinion).  But sometimes the struggling human heart needs something simple, upbeat, and even a little "cheesy" to uplift it.

Take, for instance, the song below.  I've probably heard it on the radio a hundred times over the last few years, and every time brushed it off as a "fluffy" or "cheesy" song that lacks real depth (enter high-brow scoffing).  I probably ranked it in my mind about even with those motivational posters people used to put around the workplace.*

But that didn't stop me from bawling like a baby when my favorite nurse came into my hospital room yesterday and played it for me on her phone because she'd seen the music video and said it made her think of me.  Followed by writing "OVERCOMER!" in capital letters on my dry erase board before leaving my room. Haha! 💚 her.

Since then, I've watched it at least 5 times and cried every time.  It's catchy, and yes, a little cheesy, but there is truth in the words, too, and sometimes a catchy, uplifting, inspirational tune is just the kind of cheer your heart needs when you're not feeling well.  I hope you give it a listen/watch, throw away your inhibitions, and start to sing along with me! :)

*My inner-cynic apologizes if you still have this poster hanging on your office wall.

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