Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CF Awareness Month Day 23 - Photos

For today, I scrolled  through my photos app to see what everyday-life pics came up that are CF-related. Here's the photo dump from that: :)

Here is a pic of most of the meds I take, gathered together before I pack them in my suitcase.  This is about 2 weeks worth of meds.

And here is what it looks like when I pack 3 1/2 weeks worth of meds into my suitcase, haha.  The only things in the suitcase at this point were medicines and medical equipment.  Doesn't leave a whole lotta room for clothes and shoes, but you do what you gotta do. :)

These are pics from early on in a clinical trial I'm part of.  The picture on the left is what a sweat test looks like - I found this super interesting, because I hadn't had a sweat test since I was a toddler, so I had no idea what it was actually like.  The pic on the right is the trendy "grandpa watch" I had to wear for six months to keep up with...actually, I'm still not exactly sure what it was measuring/keeping up with for those six months.  Hopefully there wasn't a camera or something in it... 🤔

I looked over from the chair I was sitting in the other day and saw this on the armrest of the couch and couldn't help but laugh.  This is the kind of awkward and suspicious scene that emerges when you have a medical condition and are also an naturally untidy person, haha.  All that was missing was a lighter.  😂


And no CF photo dump would be complete without a couple hospital pics.  When in the hospital, you've gotta find things that make you laugh and smile to stay sane. 

My room last November during the battle of the pneumothorax.  I 💚 Christmas lights... and also the double window!  That was special and a rare commodity around here.

An awkward pair of disposable hospital underwear a patient care technician brought me once out of the blue and with no explanation as to why.  Still not sure what that was about...haha!

Lime jello is one of my absolute favorite things about being in the hospital - but it has to be full-sugar!!  None of that "diet" crap!

And when the hospital food staff wants to torture me by only ever sending the "sugar free" version, my friends and family step up to the plate and bring me some that's homemade. :)

A yummy Valentine's Day hospital dinner from a few years ago...

... with wine.  Shhhh!

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