Monday, February 4, 2013


I just have to take a moment to brag a little that my almost-husband is an amazing man.  In the past week, he has unexpectedly taken two full days off of work to be with me at a doctor's appointment for a PICC line placement, and then again for sinus surgery, and then made that time up by going in on a Saturday; he has driven across town multiple times to pick me up/drop me off at my house, and driven me to a pre-wedding beauty appointment when I couldn't drive myself but was too stubborn to admit defeat; he has held my hand in the pre-op room and made me laugh an unseemly amount for someone about to go into surgery; he has tenderly changed bloody bandages from under my nose, and patiently listened to my drug-induced Downton Abbey ramblings; he has somehow made me still feel pretty even when I have no make-up on, am sporting a hospital gown, and have gauze taped under my nose; and, perhaps most telling, he very willingly skipped out on a superbowl party so that he could instead watch it with me(/beside me) on a smaller tv while I looked at flower girl dresses on Amazon.  This was his first real go-around with the uglier side of CF life, and while I could tell he was a little nervous about figuring everything out, he did an amazing job.  I am blessed, and I am so excited to marry you, Mr. B.

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