Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Insurance #Facepalm

Let me start by saying I am exceedingly grateful for insurance coverage.  Whatever your politics, as someone whose life has been largely dictated by how and where I will be able to get health care coverage, I can tell you that the affordable care act is one of the biggest blessings ever.  How sustainable it is is yet to be seen, but in the meantime - thank you.


The amount of time spent on the phone trying to work out medical care kinks that get tangled up between the doctor's office, pharmacies, and the insurance companies, can seriously feel like a part-time job sometime.  Like, as in hours and hours spent on the phone some weeks.  Yes, if you're wondering, that's what I'm doing this very moment.  It was also was I was doing 30 minutes ago.  And 30 minutes before that.

For all you CF patients out there fighting this fight - stay strong my sisters and brothers!  Remember how awesome it is to have coverage at all, and that these frustrating hours on the phone with people who may or may not know the answers to your questions are well worth your time for getting the medicines and coverage you need!

That is all.

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