Monday, April 15, 2013

40 Day Countdown to Wedding Bells and Therapy Compliance!

Whoa!!  We officially have only 40 days to go until d-day(/wedding day)!  And THAT means only 41 days until we arrive in Belize for our honeymoon!  All along, I've wanted so badly to feel awesome for both our wedding day AND our week out of the country.  I've tried to stay on top of all my meds, treatments, exercise, etc., but that honestly hasn't panned out too well this semester.  My albuterol treatments and steroid inhalers ALWAYS get done, at least twice a day......but my rules for "always" doing hypertonic, pulmozyme, and TOBI get fudged a bit (and yes, I know, fudging on the TOBI is an especially bad idea).  My Vest is nicely tucked away in its corner...and, I'm ashamed to admit, has been sitting there long enough I can't tell you the exact day (or even week) that I last used it.  Intentional exercise, however, has happened!  Yep, I've been to the gym exactly three times since the beginning of March.

Ok, enough self-deprecation.  The point of this post is to celebrate 40 days until I marry my honey (yay!) and also to declare the challenge I've set to myself to do every single treatment between now and the wedding.  Can I do it??

Probably not.  Which is why I'm setting my goal at a still-high-but-more-realistic goal of 90% treatments each week.  The number of prescribed aerosol treatments I do each day is 8, plus at least one Vest treatment (I'm not including inhalers in this count because I never have a problem remembering to do those).  Soooo, that comes out to a total of 63 treatments a week.  Which means I'm allowed to skip no more than 6.3 treatments in a seven day period.  And since I don't imagine that .3 of a treatment will ever be a real issue, I'll go ahead and say I'm allowed to miss no more that 6 treatments a week.

Here we go!  Here's hoping for an awesome, deep-breathing, completely relaxing and memorable last week of May 2013!

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